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Recipe: Swedish glögg (mulled wine)

08 stycznia
Hi! Glögg is a word that you can notice in Sweden almost everywhere, especially during the christmas time. It's a mulled wine, considered as traditional in Scandinavia. What's more, Swedish people, except of the basic spices, are also adding to the wine ingredients like raisings (I dropped the ida :-) ), almonds, or sometimes even additional alcohol (for example brandy, vodka). As for me, mulled wine itself is strong enough, so I didn't feel a need to mix it with anything else. But Swedish people don't hesitate. At also, in the stores during the christmas season, you can find a variety of different kinds of glögg- red or white (my favorite), with less or completely without the alcohol. It is important to notice, that in many cases it doesn't matter what kind of wine are you going to use - the spices are the most important here.
All of the people chilly people, that would love to warm themselves in the cold winter nights with a mug of mulled wine, feel free to read the very easy recipe. :-) 

- a bottle of red wine
- one orange
- few gloves
- honey (optional: sugar- better if brown)
- a pinch of cardamon 
- powdered cinnamon
- a pinch of powdered ginger, or a slice of fresh one

*optional: vanilla, raisins, almonds
- Boil in a pot around 1l of water, where you add the spices (fresh ginger, slices of orange, gloves, cinnamon) and keep boiling for about a half an hour. In the meantime in the second pot heat the wine (do not let it boil), and you pour there strained brew. Add honey or sugar for the taste (I always add a lot). Optionally you can add raisins, almonds or more alcohol. Serve hot.

- Heat wine in the pot (do not boil) with gloves, honey, slices of orange, cinnamon and other optional ingredients. Wine is ready to be served when it's steamy (not bubbling). 

Have you ever tried that kind of mulled wine? Or maybe do you know any other warming-up beverages for the winter? :-) 

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