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Affenberg Landskron - Monkey Mountain

14 lipca

Monkey Mountain - Affenberg

If you want to see macaques walking around on the paths, climbing the trees and running around your legs, it's worth considering to visit Affenberg Landskron in... Austria in the Carinthia region. Yes, you're reading correctly. It's a place that can be considered as a real paradise for Japanese macaque, which are able to live here almost like in the wild. And even though this place has fences, monkeys have for their use a huge, mountain area, forest, trees and special monkey houses, which they use only in the last resort, because they feel best in the open space.

Is Affenberg an ordinary zoo?

In my opinion not. Until now I always connected zoo to the sad animals in the cages made of concrete and metal bars. And even if they had some free space, it wasn't enough for them considering the size. I stopped visiting those places, but I still dream of seeing the Zoo in Vienna, which has been graded as the best in Europe. However here the monkeys have the environment which is the closest to their natural ones. They experience a real winter, but summer as well - and it depends on them where they want to sleep, if they use the houses which are made for them, or maybe they feel like hiding in the other side of the forest. They run freely between the visitors, they gladly come for snacks (apples) and solve the riddles which are left for them by the care-takers. Of course, nobody shows them how to do it and they need to figure it out by themselves to receive a snack from the inside. It doesn't take them long to achieve that. Every monkey has also a name and I found my namesake - Magdalena. :-) 
Affenberg is located in Schloßbergweg 18, 9523 Gratschach and price for adults for the entrance is 12 euro. Sightseeing lasts for around an hour.
Have you ever been in a place like this? What do you think about it?

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