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See you soon Poland

21 sierpnia

It's time to to to see the world

I never liked to stay in one place for too long. There's so much to discover, so much to see and to experience. Everyone around me always said that there's a time for everything, that you don't need to rush, it's not worth risking. Rubbish! When, if not now? 
My year in Sweden has been a huge life revolution. The memories about the departure are still fresh for me, especially now due to another new beginnings. I remember well that I packed in the evening before leaving, to two suitcases and one backpack. I attached tags which said ,,No, it's not yours!", I printed the tickets and boarding pass for the plane. Through the airplane's window I admired polish beaches and the sea-coast visible from up there, and then more snowy landscape of Sweden that I've seen for the first time in my life. 
It's not that everything was as easy as it seems. That it's enough to say ,,ah, I'm going!" and everything will turn out successfully for us. My fight with polish university lasted equally long - everything was wrong. Millions of requests, applications, phone calls and everything wasn't solved until the day of my departure. It took lots of my nerves, but with the perspective of time I think it was worth it. Now I know that if not my firmness and stubborness, probably my Swedish studies would have never happened. But they did!
In love with Sweden, Swedish lifestyle, their interior design and northern lights I came back to Poland for a year to finish my Polish education, knowing that I gained a fantastic university experience, friendships and R. with whom we recently celebrated an anniversary. 
Now it's time to move again!

It's hard to say: see you 

In the last months I have finished my Polish studies, and my Master's thesis concerning the phenomenon of copycat crime has aroused a lot of interest. And even though the weekends were filled with additional school of criminal psychology, in all of it I've managed to find some extra time for travels and frequent flights. I tried to combine it all in one consistent piece and I believe I did it. Although I didn't manage to meet all of the close friends of mine; I will never forget the last evening before leaving. A surprise party organized for me, to which I was forced to travel in the car for an hour with closed eyes, not knowing where I drive to, and who's this mysterious person sitting in the back and not saying a word. :-) For all of what my friends did that night I must say big: THANK YOU!
At the same time I know that the distance isn't a problem and real friendships (even relationships!) can survive it easily.
Cenny czas z mamą. / Precious time with my mum

Good things can be found out of the comfort zone

And even though I know it well, sometimes it's not easy to escape it. Sometimes it's good to force ourselves just a little bit. :-) Everything that's new can sound a bit terrifying until we get used to it. So it is now. Another language, another country, another beginning. Everything's new, different, sometimes odd, sometimes totally normal. I don't feel it's my place yet, but I hope it will change after the summertime, which I plan to spend in the Balcan region. 
However in the moments of uncertainty, expectancy, and refreshing the mailbox, where almost if it is out of spite, that new mails are not coming; I truly appreciate the support of the closest ones, who can give the simpliest and the best advice by asking like R: Is your worrying changing anything at this time? No? So enjoy the moment and wait for the answer. When you get it, then you'd think what to do next.
So I will do. 
And as for now it's time to roll up sleeves and get down to work with learning... well, who will guess which language this time? :-) 

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