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Little kitten

03 września

There are dog lovers and cat lovers. And there's me, who most likely would take in every animal I meet on my way. As a child it happened to me to show up at home with a cat under my arm, which usually caused multiple phone calls to all our friends with a question if they would like to take him forever. My first, begged by typical: "mum I will walk with him and love him" dog we bought when I started my first grade. It was during the walk on the boulevard, when I thought that a man with a cardboard sells guinea pigs. The overwhelming amount of 20PLN ended up with 14 years filled with happy barking and waggling tail, which shape reminded a pig's tail. 
A cat was found by me a couple of years later and I brought him home under my jacket during the really cold winter. Nobody suspected that he would stay with us forever, and especially that he will end up being exceptionally fluffy, beautiful and smart Maine-Coon. However even the biggest joy connected to having animals wouldn't ease the pain of their absence. Until now when I'm coming back home, I have a habit to look around and check if he's sleeping on my bed, or if maybe he found his spot on my backpack. I just hope that up there in the cat's heaven he's equally happy. 

Hi, Pixel! 

Summertime it's a time for changes with no doubt. The end of my studies, my (as for now) longest journey of my life, another change of the country. It's easy to get lost in all of it. So it's hard to describe how happy I was, when I found out that my new flatmate plans to adopt a cat! After the long time of waiting we were welcomed at home by positive ,,meow!"and then everyone were overwhelmed by cat's mania. :-)

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