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I like sum-ups. Annual, monthly, weekly. I like to take a look at the blogs of the people I follow, and except of the normal entries, recipies and styled sessions, also see the fragments of their normal day. It's not a new thing for anyone that on the social portals in most cases we can see the better version of their authors. Nobody truly cares or feels motivated by the sad moments and the everyday life problems. Being late to work, to university, having breakfast in a hurry (or at all), or general tiredness - how would that look on Instagram? So that's why during the busy day people like to watch the pictures of celebrities, and the accounts of those who have time for the afternoon coffee or lazy Mondays at home.
However I think that a doze of this ,,realness" connects authors and their readers more. It shows that we're all humans and not all of our days are perfectly unusual. 
How it is with me then? 

Last months have been revolutionary for me. A real rollercoaster: a new country, new language, new feelings, new challenges, new friends, new flat and even a new animal. Everything new!
It's easy to get lost in all of that. And even though I'm not one of those people who are afraid of changes, this time everything was a bit different. While changing the flats or even the country, when I moved to Sweden, I had a certain plan in my head - I knew what's my goal and I had an idea of how the next year will look like. Finishing all of my studies and trainings was my priority. Then it was the time to plan the move-out to the next country - Austria. And then I realized that I truly stand in front of the endless possibilities. That I'm not limited by anything except of myself. And that's the hardest part. Many people are lost in those possibilities, not being able to choose what's important for them. When they can do everything, move anywhere, they don't use this chance because of the fear or comfort, staying in so called "comfort zone".
Luckily I left mine two countries behind me. :-)
I don't know how it is, but many times good things happen to me. It is said that it's a good karma. But it doesn't mean that every day has to be perfect. After the great, three-week lasting travel in the Balkans, it was the time to face what I truly want to do in Austria. Adjusted to the Swedish openess to the English language (especially at the university) I was shocked when it turned out that except of the possibility of using English in the city, the chances connected to universities or jobs are strictly tied to German. It wasn't the best news for me, having in mind that except of fluent English and basic French, German wasn't familiar for me. As well as Austrian!
Planning PhD studies at the local university I was unpleasantly surprised when my dream faculty was closed, and the only English option was connected to the field that, well - I had before, but it wouldn't be my first choice. For the first time I had a feeling that I'm not moving forward. I checked English job offers, offers for the lecturers at the university, while being totally stressed-out and not listening to R. which repeatedly said that: 
a) everything will work out
b) there's no point in stressing myself in advance
c) for sure I will find something suitable for me, because I am well educated 
And you won't guess what turned out? 
Surely! That everything worked out, there was no point in stressing myself and I found something good for myself thanks to good CV and... coincidence. :-) 
I found my dream job by accident. In the forest!
 Two pictures above are connected to my job. Sunny photos are from the office, and the city is a view from the restaurant Schlossberg in Graz, where I took a part in the meeting with delegates. But speaking about the situation mentioned before. The stressful time didn't last long, but for me it was an eternity. I couldn't focus on anything else. That's why I think it's worth mentioning. To show that hard moments also happen. And that you need to use all opportunities you have and don't be afraid to risk. Stressful moments are going to be only a part of the stories then.
 My story starts funny. In the beginning of October we were visited by a friend from Poland, who decided to start a journey from Poland to Hong-Kong (I'm not kidding!) by hitch-hiking, stopping in Graz on his way and brining me a few things from Poland (and a great photo-frame). To show him Austria and Graz and its best sides, I organized a small sightseeing and hiking in the mountains. During one of those walk in the neighborhood at the hill, it went dark quite early, but it wasn't a reason for us to stop. I guess the wanderer that we met had a same thoughts, while he hiked there with his nordic-walking sticks. He approached us and asked us a few things in English as he heard us speaking. Interested in what we do here and where we come from, he introduced himselfs (and his profession), talked with us shortly and... handed us his business card. 
It's rather not a common thing to meed in the forest such an interesting person, especially it's not common to receive a business card. But except of the fact that it was a hilarious situation, nobody would do anything more about it. 
After searching for some information online about the company's owner, I had in my mind one thing: "Eh, if only I would have known what he is doing, I would ask for the job". Knowing only that it would be a great connection to my studies, halfly-joking halfly-serious, after the talk with R. I decided to write an e-mail to the myserious guy.
After the most positive job interview I could ever imagine (with a great buffet and Moët champagnes), I became the only English-speaker part of the team among all Austrians. Sounds like a challenge? :-) Now it can only be better!
  And now, coming back to normal things, while I started my first real job, I realized that time management is one of those things I really need to learn. And even though the atmosphere at work is great and in most cases I'm my own boss while organizing my tasks, I started missing the possibility of spending the afternoon at home. :-) Luckily there's no problem with the evenings and that's how I joined the E.O.F.T (European Outdoor Film Tour) second year in the row. It's all about screeing the sport movies.
The motivation to learn German (or Austrian :-) ) is a must. Even though books and CD's are useful, starting the basic course in the language school was certainly a good step. Except of that I'm trying to get used to the language at work and catch as many words as possible. I'm not afraid to speak and that's an advantage. And on the right picture there's my birthday celebration in October, which took a part also by the Clock Tower (Uhrturm) in Graz.

A nice gift from my mum was sending me Gazeta Lubuska, in which I appeared with R. in the article dedicated to travels. On the right side there's my birthday gift from Lisa! :)
Autumn in Graz, and especially in general in Austria, has been beautiful, sunny and colorful. It was the total opposite of Falun in Sweden, where almost every autumny day was... black. :-) 
 After training snacks are something I like the most. Even though right now during the advent time, everybody's more tempted by the hot beer, mulled wine or punch. My favorite is the one of gingerbread flavor with whipped cream. Yumm! The upside-down christmas trees also appeared in the city. 
And the parts of Balkan travels. For some time I will publish the photo relation from summertime to warm up the temperatures we have outside the windows.  
 My new flat is definitely in my taste. Spacey, bright with the balcony and the view on the mountains nearby - I like it! I started partially decorating the walls of my room. And on the right side there's the real Austrian winter, which started already in the beginning of November. Even though that in the cities we won't experience that too early, in Alps there's enough of it to build a snowman!
Blackboard sticker is a great idea for the room. One of them appeared on the room's door and is used by R. as a planner and by me for doodles.
 Cat in the house is an advantage. Disadvantage is that he meows in the early mornings during free days. :-) 
Closeness to the mountains and nature is something that I love about Austria. And those views! After the trips it's good to try out some cakes. For example avocado-cacao flavored. Recipe can be found on the blog in the label "recipes". 

Summer memories are something I like to go back to, and soon I will try to decorate my walls with those pictures as well. I would like to take more care of decorations. Until now it wasn't my priority. Except of fairy lights (lamps), candles or some pictures I wasn't focusing on it too much, because I knew that soon I will change the flat either way, and the move out with many things isn't the most comfortable. Now I changed my mind a little bit. :-) It's good to have something that will warm up the interior and makes it look more home-like.

 And how are you all doing? :-) What are your plans for the future?

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