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DIY: Polaroid wall collage and 3D frame

16 lutego
It's been a while since the last time any DIY tutorial appeared on the blog. To take a small step towards bringing back some inspirations, I'm sharing with you today an easy way of adding some sparkle to the traditional photo frames. In the era of mobile photographies not many people take their time to print some photos anymore. Instead, the shots we take are often staying in a digital way forever. But not in my case! Since I received as a gift my Polaroid, which previously has been on my wish list forever; I enjoy having those imperfect instant shots.
Polaroid by its nature makes you frugal. You walk around with maybe two packs of film in your pocket. You have 20 shots, so each shot is a world. -  Patti Smith
Like it was said in the quote above, I believe there's some certain magic in Polaroid pictures. Yes, it's expensive (actually in my version it's 8 shots for 24€. Ouch...) and at the same very precious. So as you can imagine, nothing compares to the pain of ruined, black or completely blurry shot. And my boyfriend is a master of making those. :-) But if you won't give up, there's a chance that your Polaroid collection will grow and you wouldn't have an idea what to actually do with all those photographs. Here are my two favorite ideas.

1. 3D Polaroid frame

It's a simple 3D frame from Ikea in which our hanging photo inside. Cord, clasps and two drops of hot glue (from the glue gun) should help you with enjoying your art in a different way. Changing the picture is easy and fast, so you can always adjust it to your mood, season or decoration in the house.

2. Geometrical wall collage

Artisty way of your photographical expression is the key to keep it all unique. With the help of some nails, cord and tiny clasps, simply create a geometrical figures of your choice. The more crazy shapes you will make, the more possibilities of hanging Polaroids in the various positions you will get. Get creative!

What are your ways of storing and showing photos?

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