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My first winter in Austria

The days are becoming longer, through the windows we can finally see some more sun rays, and we slowly begin to change our winter shoes to something lighter. There's a springy feeling in the air! And even though I've spent my most beautiful winter back in Sweden (where I observed plenty of northern lights), Austria isn't so much worse in comparison to that. For the first time I had the opportunity to spend the winter so close to the mountains!
Winter time in Graz can be described mostly as: Christmas markets! They had been a highlight of many, frosty evenings. Mulled wine nowhere tastes as good as there. You could smell the sweet twisted cakes, ponch and gingerbreads. And speaking of the last ones - gingerbread flavored ponch with some whipped cream has been one of my guilty pleasures after a long day finished with the language Course. Around the markets you could spot many ornaments, including my favorite upside down trees hanging above the Harrengasse on the way to Hauptplatz, the main square.

The Christmas time always has a special charm to me. All of those lights, smells, flavors, Gifts and most of all - hygge evenings with a good movie and candles. Unfortunately all what's good Ends soon. The snow melted definitely too fast. But before it happened, we've managed to use the last wintry days to the fullest with R. Snowboard in the Alps in Wolfsberg (Koralpe) was the best idea. Thanks to his amazing patience I'm not a threat on the slopes anymore, and instead I'm starting to have much more fun while sliding and Training my technique. Good to have my own instructor!
Now, slowly getting prepared to spring I'm appreciating this slow, winter time, which allowed me to get used to how life in Austria Looks like. And even though everything that lead me to this place required a lot of effort - I can honestly say that I'm happy and proud of what I've managed to achieve.
Not slowing down my tempo I've decided that investing in my own abilities can lead only to the positive results - so I start my spring with the intensive German language course (4 times a week for 1,5h!). Hopefully it won't be so bad. :-) 

Feeding birds in the local park
Wonderful views
Fun fact: many dogs in Austria are being dressed up for winter
And how did your winter pass? :-)

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