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DIY: "I am not a morning person t-shirt"

09 kwietnia
DIY solutions are a great idea for another look of the really basic, one-colored pieces, which are gaining a different character with our changes. It works great with the old elements, which we completely forgot about or planned to throw away - thanks to that we won't be afraid to destroy anything. And even though almost everybody once made the shorts out of old, worn-out jeans, painting isn't one of the most popular options.
Until now I've used to successfully decorate eco-bags to give them for my friends as personalized gifts. Today I decided to face a new challenge: a plain white t-shirt. Picking the text was easy - I'm definitely not one of the early birds and my morning's saviour is a coffee at work. I don't start my work without it. 
So how to make a t-shirt like this? And can it be washed?
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Needed supplies:
- Cotton t-shirt in a plain bright color 
- Fabric paint (black, red)
- Natural brush (middle sized)
- Paper/Newspaper to place under the shirt 
- Soft pencil (6B)

The paint of our choice must be made for fabrics. Watercolors, traditional pens and markers are going to wash-off during laundry and leave unsightly stains. Fabric paints can be found online (ebay, amazon) or in the local stationery stores. 
Specialistic paints can be washed multiple times without destroying the painted layer (it's better to handwash it or throw it in the washing machine at 40 degrees). It's recommended to wash the t-shirt before painting and iron it after finishing for a better fix.

1. It's better to start decorating the t-shirt by placing inside a piece of paper or a newspaper to prevent the paint stains on the back of the shirt
2. With the use of soft 6B pencil you can easily mark interesting spots or write the text. In this case it was "I am not a morning person".
3. In a case of fabric paint there's need of dipping the brush in water. It's good to make sure that all the spots are equally covered by the paint. 
4. After finishing it's worth remembering to clean the brushes. Otherwise the paint may be very hard to be removed. 
5. Dried t-shirt should be ironed. You can do it directly on the paint, as well as place on it a piece of paper or cloth. 
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What do you think about the effect? Did you ever make your own, personalized t-shirt?

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