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How I participated in freaky circus horrorshow and had to face my biggest fear

12 czerwca

The crew of Freaky Circus and us
This blog post is like no other, because the whole event was unusual. It all started when I saw the posters of something called "Freaky circus horrorshow" around Graz and without bigger hesitation, suggested visiting it, having in mind that I've been in the circus for the last time quite a long time ago. Without reading the reviews or checking the photos, wrongly assumed that it will be a typical circus, maybe with a few spooky gags or face masks. Seeing all the childhood nightmares in one place, featuring Freddy Krueger, killer clowns, Scarecrow and more, assured me that it's definitely not what I expected. Later on, with the pounding heart I've sat in the middle of the horrorshow during the final and had to face my biggest fear. This time not as a part of the audience.

source: Zirkus Des Grauens

Freaky Circus Horrorshow

If you've never stumbled upon this special Freaky Circus, keep in mind that it's rather no place for people with heart problems, pregnant women, children or faint-hearted people. It's here where all fears come to live and they're closer than ever. Even though from the outside it looks quite ordinary, the inside will quickly surprise you. Here the tickets are sold by a vampire, and to go to the main tent, you need to try yourself in a scary labirynth, accompanied by the screams of other visitors. Sounds encouragingly?

source: Zirkus Des Grauens

Tent of horror

Expect the unexpected. That's how you can shortly describe all what happened during the show. The audience jumping on their chairs, nervously looking around, making the sounds of surprise and disgust - all that accompanied with loud applause after each part. Horrorshow circus is a place where not only you'd see frightening scenes, but also professionals in their best roles, who would surprise the audience with their strenght, precision and acting skills. But I didn't think that I will stand with them on the stage.

Mr. Extreme

The text below contains a description of a part of the show, so if you plan to visit the Freaky Circus Horrorshow (Zirkus des Grauens), keep it in mind. The circus itself tours in Germany and Austria only.
Mr. Extreme, or rather Kurt Späth is one of the most interesting persons in the circus. Pulling a person sitting on a wheeled chair by the line with a hook in his tongue, or hanging the car battery on his ears are one of his best stunts. He managed to shock the audience while sticking real needles in his cheek and neck, but for me the scariest part was just about to come, when while he looked around the tent and pointed at me.

source: Zirkus des Grauens

Close encounter with the fear

While stepping out in the middle, little did I know what waits for me out there and I guess I still didn't completely believe that all of it happens for real. I sat on the chair and the bloody assistant tied my hands with the leather straps. A moment later a bag on my head successfully didn't allow me to see what's going on around me, but the muffled sound of the audience assured me that I won't like what I will see. Quick uncover and here it is: a real tarantula on my shoulder.

I hate spiders, even watching them on the photos causes goosebumps, and if any of them stands on my way, I wish them to disappear. I only hope that this tarantula was as scared of me, as I was scared of it, because luckily it didn't move any further than that. And me - tied to the chair, had to face my biggest fear.
Shortly after that, additionally tied with some rope around my waist, I held two cucumbers in my hands and Mr. Extreme started to measure the steps around my chair. With the covered face and hainsaw in his arm started cutting the cucumbers right by my wrists. As as I used to be a non-believer that those stunts are real, that now I have no doubt about it. But what surprised me the most about it was that I managed to keep calm. Still with strongly beating heard we bowed together in front of the spectators and I came back to my place to watch the show until the end, but this time without my participation.

Do I regret participation?

Perhaps I will surprise some readers with the following statment, but I don't! Even though I didn't expect all of it to be so closely connected with the interation between the showmen and the spectators, I don't regret participating and seeing all those amazing performances live. What's more, I think that I will go there once again when the circus will come back with the new shows.
And what turned out to be a funny outcome for me, is the fact that my huge fear of spiders drastically shrinked. I don't say that I am eager to carry all of them on my hands now, but I am definitely not petrified of their presence. All in all, it cannot get worse than a tarantula on my arm, am I right? :-)

And what do you think about this incredible circus? Would you dare to participate?

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