Unique Austrian lake to visit during summer


There are places that look like straight out of a travel catalog - in which the mountainous regions please our eyes with clean lakes and forests. One of these places, which is just 40 kilometers away from Graz, has become my favorite holiday destination and I'm happy to return there during every sunny day. Austrian lakes are characterized by a great diversity, although there is something that unites them all, and it's the quality of water that people care so much about. Thanks to this, most lakes in the Carinthian and Styrian region have... drinkable water quality! This explains very good visibility and clear shores, which to my satisfaction are almost never overgrown with algs. So if you are going to Austria in summer, read on to find out more about the Austrian lakes and my favorite Tiebersee.

1. Lakes in Austria have a paid entrance

Of course, this is the standard in Poland as well for guarded lakes - here it is a bit different because, due to the protection of nature and natural water reservoirs, these lakes have paid entrance even when there is no lifeguard available on them. Unfortunately, the cost of admission in Polish currency can be high. An example price list from the lake Tiebersee shown in the photos is:- Adults 5 EUR (4 EUR after 14:00)- Students and pupils: 4 EUR  (3EUR  after 13:00)- Parking: 3EUR

For all day spent on the lake for two people with a car the price is: 13EUR.  By paying this amount one time our wallet will not suffer too much, but when planning to appear on the lake several times a week or a month, we can be sure that we will leave a considerable sum there.However, it is worth noting that the entrance fee does not apply from 19:00 and in the case of bad weather.

2. Austrian lakes offer seasonal cards

A good option for those who like to spend free time on the lake is to buy seasonal cards, which approximate price is usually around 75EUR and for students and pupils 65EUR. Seasonal tickets allow you to have unlimited entrance, but they do apply only to the lake to which they have been redeemed. So for example while having a seasonal card to Tiebersee will still pay normal amounts at other places.

3. Austrian lakes offer relaxation and entertainment

I'm not used to being able to enjoy mountain views by the lake. However, the Austrian landscape is most often looking like this, so that those who don't enjoy laying down on a towel too long, can simply change into sportswear and go on a mountain stroll. The Tiebersee area offers you the opportunity to climb to the top, where not only you will admire the waterfalls, but also check your endurance by climbing the narrow ladder - specialized equipment is not needed, you only need a pair of comfortable shoes, a bottle of water and a lot of determination.
Read more about the Bärenschützklamm waterfall in my previous post: here.

4. Getting to the Austrian Tiebersee

The lake is located in Röthelstein and can easily be reached by car, train or bus. In the case of public transport, the journey time is extended from 40 minutes to an hour of drive. Starting at the main train station in Graz, you can reach Tiebersee by bus number 100. You will need to drive on the highway where you will need a vignette.

5. Why should you visit Tiebersee?

First of all, it is not crowded. It may be because it's located outside of Graz. Not everyone has a car, and you do not necessarily want to drive an hour in and out to stay there just in the evening. However, the views definitely compensate the time spent traveling and soon afterwards you can relax on the blown flamingo in the mountain area. There are also two bars and in addition to  snacks they also offer full meals and drinks. One of these places is also equipped with showers. You can take advantage of the closed beach volleyball court too. rom the very first moment I saw this place, I knew that I would appear there more often and would recommend this magical spot to each and every one of you.
The lake shores in Austria are often full of stones though
What's your dream spot for relax? Lake side? Mountains? Or maybe both?

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