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Healthy Autumn breakfast

24 września
healthy autumn breakfast
Sunday breakfasts, or simply weekend breakfasts are the best part of the day. Slow, tasty and during the Autumn season also warming thanks to the cup of hot coffee or my latest (again) discovery: chai latte! The combination of the herbs tastes perfectly Autumny and with the addition of pumpkin spice the composition brings the memory of Starbucks's pumpkin spice latte - just without the caffeine. When the weather outside of the window doesn't encourage you to step outside, those breakfasts are often turning into brunch, and that personally suits me best.
The Autumnal flavors are for me associated with some hot porridges with apples, teas with honey and coffee drank to the favorite book. But this time I replaced all that with traditional breakfast bowl - the bowl of deliciousness.
Healthy Autumn breakfast

 Healthy Autumn breakfast: 

 - natural yogurt (lactose free) 
- almonds 
- pieces of natural cacao (cacao nibs) taste great and replace the normal chocolate pieces, they also contain lots of magnesium 
- fresh passionfruits 
- matcha tea flavored oats (bought mine in mymuesli
- chia seeds

You can combine the toppings differently, add some extra honey for the immunity or dried or liofilizated fruits. During the Autumn season a doze of vitamins is especially important to not catch a cold.
Healthy Autumn breakfast
Healthy Autumn breakfast
Healthy Autumn breakfast
What do you like to have for breakfast in Autumn?

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