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Instagram summary of Autumn - @TheDailyWonders

06 grudnia
Uhrturm, clocktower graz, sightseeing Graz, graz blogger
 Every season has something special in it, but one thing is certain - no matter of the season, there's always something nice happening in my life. I like to browse Instagram to remind myself of my favorite moments of travel, or the charms of everyday life. Autumn in Graz is already over, and the first snow has also fallen. This is the perfect time for an Instagram autumn summary. And those who have not visited Instagram yet, I invite you to @TheDailyWonders

weinstrasse, wine street, wineyards austria, graz, austria

In autumn, I discovered the charms of Austrian vineyards

The Austrian vineyard routes in the south of Styria (Südsteirische Weinstraße) have become my definite favorite when it comes to spending the afternoon or evening in the beautiful nature setting. I wrote about this place in the entry: The most beautiful place to see in autumn in Austria - Südsteirische Weinstraße
travelling with a cat, how to travel with a cat

 In the autumn I traveled with a cat

Looking at the above picture I'm surprised how tiny she was! However, returning to the topic, many people wonder if you can travel with a cat. And if so, how? Well, it's possible! And this is neither particularly stressful for us nor for the pet. It's best to do some familiarization trips, slowly teach the cat to walk on the harness at home and away from home. If you travel by car, you can use the transporter - but we used a special belt to attach the cat to (one part is mounted like a normal belt, the other is attached to the harness). In the picture above we were in the Austrian town of Wildon.
lifestyle blog, travel blog, thedailywonders
lifestyle blog, travel blog, thedailywonders

 I visited Poland and the Czech Republic

And all in one weekend when, as a guest, I showed up at my cousin's wedding. The trip by car turned out to be quite long, but we rewarded ourselves our return trip with a dinner in the Czech Republic.
Mickey Mouse, mug, cup, Primark, Primark Home

 I bought a mug with Mickey Mouse

Perhaps this is not the most interesting moment of Autumn, but it has become my favorite coffee mug.
piano playing, self taught piano

I returned to playing the piano

I am a piano self-taught and always played on the keyboard at home. Although I abandoned it later in favor of the guitar, the passion for playing remained. I have a beautiful piano at work, where I sometimes recall old melodies or learn new ones. It's a lot of fun for me.
scandi interior, scandinavian style, scandinavian home, home decor

 I taught the cat to use the toilet

Browsing through various articles on zero-waste cats, the biggest problem turned out to be cat's litter box and various types of litters. Although it is easy to get in the ecological ones, cleaning the cat's litter box is not one of the most pleasant duties. At the time of the adoption of the cat, we immediately decided that we would teach her to jump on a normal toilet. I must admit that it was a very arduous process, but it was successful!
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graz sightseeing, laundhauskeller, graz restaurant, what to see in graz

 I bought my dream Swedish red horse

I wrote about it here: My dream red swedish Dala Horse - Dalahäst
dalahast, dalarna, horse, swedish horse, dala

I've worked in Austria for one year

As it was also my first year of living in this country. I wrote about it here: The first year of living in Austria - what has changed?
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 I decorated my flat in a Scandinavian style

I love the Scandinavian style, their apartments, simple forms, cozy interiors: everything! When I rented the new apartment, I said that it must be instagrammable and cozy.I managed to arrange it this way. We often use "DIY" solutions and slowly decorate it more and more nicely.

I wrote about the handmade table here: DIY: Scandinavian-style dining table
scandinavian style, scandi, ikea, scandinavian home, home solutions, home decors
scandinavian style, scandi, ikea, scandinavian home, home solutions, home decors

 I traveled to Poland for my birthday

A flight ticket is always the best gift you can give me. I spent my 25th birthday in Poland. The birthday was a good moment for a small summary, which you can read here: 5 things that I managed to achieve at the age of 25
travel alone, budget travel
birthday balloons, balloons numbers
birthday flowers

 I visited Amsterdam in Autumn

I have a wish to visit all European capitals and I'm on a good way to finish it! Amsterdam was a fantastic, though short, trip that I described here: First trip to Amsterdam - information and prices
Amsterdam travel, what to see in Amsterdam
Amsterdam travel, what to see in Amsterdam

 I bought the first guide-book (The Subtle The Subtle Art of Not Giving and F * ck)

I am not and never was a fan of guides or self-help books. This position, unlike the others, has been interesting to me for a long time. I've read various reviews of it as very apt and funny. I found her in the bookstore at the airport and it made my trip from Amsterdam to Austria easier and more enjoyable. I would recommend!
the subtle art of not giving a fuck, book, reading
christmas market, graz, austria, weihnachtsmarkt graz

I visited the Austrian Christmas markets (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Graz

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Mainly because of Christmas markets, which are scattered throughout Graz. You can get a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, such as mulled wine, punch and mulled beer. Baumkuche, pretzels and countless other sweet things are available from delicacies.
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I gave myself time to rest

The journeys are fantastic and inspiring, but it is also good to find some time for yourself: drink coffee, read a book and spend a truly lazy afternoon (or an evening with Netflix).

bullet journal, bujo, planner

 I started to make the Bullet Journal

The Bullet Journal, a self-made planner is a calendar in which only our imagination limits us. I belong to people who never know what day is, and when I have a calendar, I forget to complete it for a year. The Bullet Journal works a little better with me.
bullet journal, bujo, planner

 I'm preparing myself for the next trips

Autumn was very successful in this aspect, so I do not slow down. I am preparing myself for the next trips at the beginning of December (Norway), at the end of December (Poland) and the next ones, which until now are on my dream list.
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How was your Autumn this year?

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